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Litchfield Area Mentorship Program

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Becoming a Volunteer Mentor

Who Can Become A Mentor?

Individuals - Couples - Families.


Mentor Responsibilities:

Duration:  2 years
Frequency: Minimum of 2 face-to-face visits per month with a goal of 4-contact hours per month.
Quarterly Mentor Trainings (optional-but recommended)
Monthly Group Activities (optional)

How to Apply:                                                   
  • Complete an application and background check
  • Interview with LAMP-Kinship staff
  • Pre-match training
  • Wait for a match to be made!

Your influence can bring new hope to the lives of young people through the power of'll be surprised how much you may benefit as well!


Please download, print, and fill out this application.
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  1. How to Enroll your Child in LAMP

  2. Fill out a short application.
  3. Meet with the program director.
  4. Wait for a match to be made.
Will my child like their mentor?
Mentors are matched with mentees who specifically have similar interests and hobbies.

How often do the mentor and child see one another?
There is no set schedule.

Matches meet at least twice a month with a minimum of four hours total contact for month.

Matches will meet based on a common time commitment

Family involvment
Keep open communication with program director.
Keep open communication with mentor.
Be supportive of the mentoring relationship.

What Does it cost to be in the program?
Lamp provides mentoring services at no cost to families!  The focus of our program is on the time spent together with someone who shares the same interests and hobbies.


Click, Download, Print and Complete Youth Application in Spanish
Click, Download, Pring and Complete Youth Application in English

Who can participate?

  • *Mentoring is for ANY child who may benefit from          extra support or guidance.
  • *Youth can be ages 5-17 and must live in 
  •     Meeker County.
  • *Mentors can be individuals, couples, or families.

  • What are the benefits?
  • Mentoring can help improve social skills, self-esteem, and relationships.  It also exposes young people to a variety of experiences, positive role models, and support for reaching their goals.

  • Studies have shown that youth with mentors are less likely to skip school, start using drugs/alcohol, and engage in violence.

   Address: 1000 S Sibley Avenue, PO Box 82, Litchfield MN, 55355       Phone: 320-699-1616     Email: