Youth Waiting

Will you be my mentor?

LAMP-Kinship (Litchfield Area Mentorship Program) is looking for caring adult individuals, couples, or families looking to build a friendship with local youth.  You can help to build a better community simply by spending time with a local child and building a long-lasting friendship.  Contact LAMP for more information by calling 320-699-1616 or emailing to for more details on how you can become a mentor.  The following is a list of LAMP-Kinship youth now on our waiting list and in need of a mentor(s).


Devin is a kind and active young person who is in fourth grade this year. He is very athletic and is into many sports including hockey, baseball, and kickball. Devin would also love to learn more about football! He is definitely an outside kid who loves playing outdoors. Are you an active person who really enjoys sports as well? Devin has been waiting for a mentor since August 2015.



Lauren is a caring seventeen-year-old who would love a couple to mentor her. Lauren is a very patient big sister, and some of the activities she would like to do with a mentor include cooking, watching movies, or going to community events. She also likes English and history in school, and would love to become a cosmetologist! Lauren has been waiting for a mentor since June 2015.



Jacob is a smart, active 4th grader who loves the outdoors and playing sports.  He is looking for an adult male to spend time with and share about his day.  Jacob loves playing outside, riding his bike, and playing hockey.  Do you have a spot in your busy life to share your experiences with this young man?  Jacob has been waiting since April 2016.



 Ben is a very sociable, friendly little boy who will be a first grader next year. He really loves dinosaurs and pizza, and when he grows up he would like to be a police officer! Ben also really enjoys gym class and art projects at school. Are you someone who would have a great time spending time with this sweet little guy doing a variety of fun activities? Ben has been waiting for a mentor since May 2016.



Do you enjoy building model airplanes or going to fall football games?  If you do, then this young person would be a great match for you!  John is a creative, well-spoken young person who will be a sixth grader this year.  He really enjoys building models, creating, reading, football, and baseball.  He is also interested in being an electrician when he grows up, and some of his favorite classes in school are math and art.  This positive young person would really like to be matched with an individual male or a couple.  John has been waiting for a mentor since July 2016.

Dakota is waiting for a single male or young couple to share his interests with.  He would love to go fishing, hunting, camping, bike riding and anything he can do outside.  He is in 5th grade and there's nothing he doesn't like to do!  He loves animals and making people laugh.  Are you ready to meet this adventurous young person and start making memories?  Dakota has been waiting for a connection since February 2016.


Beau is a 16-year-old young man that is interested in ice fishing, basketball, wrestling, snowmobiling, music, video games, and skiing. He is not afraid to try new things.  Beau enjoys math and reading in school.  He is friendly and fun-loving and is looking for someone to share his time with.  Will you be the one to take Beau with you on your adventures?  Beau has been waiting for a match since October 2016.


Do you enjoy fishing, football, camping, hiking or gardening?  If you do, Arthur would love to enjoy these activities with you.  He is 16 years old and is into art, and math.  Arthur is looking for an out-going guy to hang out with working on cars, building things, and/or woodworking.  Could you be the one to provide a positive, patient, adult influence in this young man’s life?  Arthur has been waiting for a connection since August 2016.


Zach is an active 6-year-old that is looking for someone to share his energy with.  He would love to have someone in his life that could teach him how to fish and ride horse.  His favorite ways to keep busy are swimming, bowling, going to the park, and making pottery.  Are you looking for someone to keep you on your toes?  Someone who challenges you to try new things?  If you are, Zach's your man!  Zach has been waiting for a match since June 2016.


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